Neighbor to Neighbor

The following interview samples are clipped from real interviews we've taken in 2006-2007. Aside from enjoying the stories themselves, we hope that as current or future interviewers you will see that while some stories tell themselves, others are only a question or two away from just spilling out. Interviewing isn't hard. You just have to ask questions you'd really like to know the answers to. (the MP3 files are bigger and take longer to download)

Thelma Bryant - 5:01 minutes - MP3 - WMA - transcript
Ann Malone - 8:53 minutes - MP3 - WMA- transcript
John Metzler - 5:25 minutes - MP3 - WMA - transcript
Elizabeth Angelos - 4:52 minutes - MP3 - WMA - transcript
Lesta King - 7:02 minutes - MP3 - WMA - transcript
Robert Davis - 7:17 minutes - MP3 - WMA - transcript

Transcriptions graciously donated by:
Adept Word Management, The Transcription Experts

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