Houston: A Nation's Capitol

Platinum Award Winner in Documentary at the 2011 WorldFest/Houston International Film Fest

For two hurly-burly years, the Bayou City was the capital of the Republic of Texas. As Sam Houston, Mirabeau Lamar and others squabbled over the direction in which they would lead the fledgling nation, scores of drunken, furloughed soldiers battled in makeshift saloons, on the town’s muddy streets and at the dueling grounds which was located south of Texas Avenue, and therefore away from the city limits. Noted author and historian, Stephen Hardin, leads a tour of locations that serves as the backbone of this documentary. Interviews with other scholars, snippets of contemporary journals, photographs, maps, music and graphics makes this an engaging way to learn about Houston’s beginnings.

Our hope is to make this part seven of an eight part series of location based videos, called The Birth of Texas Series, that tell the story of Texas from San Felipe de Austin through Revolution, Independence, the Republic.and statehood.

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