Neighbor to Neighbor - Want to Volunteer?

Houston Arts and Media is currently seeking volunteers to help collect and organize oral histories from Houston's long-time residents. To find out more about how you can help, click here.

Phase II of N2N is being sponsored by a United Way of Greater Houston Community Building Grant.

Information for Interviewers

If you have signed up to perform neighborhood interviews, we have tips, techniques and general information for you to get started on this citywide project. To read more, click here.

Houston Neighborhood Series

Each book in this series chronicles the history of one of Houston's older or historic neighborhoods, telling a much more in-depth story than has previously been written. Current and future residents of these areas will be most interested to know how their neighborhood developed; where their predecessors shopped, ate and played; what people of note lived nearby; and what businesses used to inhabit what current buildings and sites. The series will make use of hundreds of interviews with everyday people, recording their recollections of life in that neighborhood, and will mix that invaluable oral history with primary source research. Numerous vintage photographs and maps will further illuminate the story and evolution of each of these vibrant, living areas of our great city of Houston.

The following sample pages will give you some idea of how these hardbound, full color books will appear.

sample book

The map below describes the 20 areas of Houston that the series will cover.

Click on map for a larger image.


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