San Felipe and American Settlement

Stephen F. Austin took over for his father in the enterprise of bringing Anglo colonists to settle under-populated Texas and provide a buffer zone for the Mexican interior. Colonists came not only from the United States where the economy was in crisis, but also from areas across Europe. With them, they brought new customs and attitudes, new ways of agriculture and the institution of slavery, something that was supported by some wealthy Mexicans who had invested in Texas cotton. The new settlers traded with some native tribes and fought with others, most notably eliminating the Karankawa from the Texas coast. Relationships were established with the Tejanos, as well. Communities rose up in Austin's Colony and in those lands controlled by several other empresarios. River traffic became commonplace on the Brazos, Buffalo Bayou and the Trinity. Austin settled the headquarters of his colony, complete with amenities such as a newspaper and a bakery, on land that today is a county bearing his name.

This is part two of an eight part series of location based videos, called The Birth of Texas Series, that tell the story of Texas from Spanish Texas through Revolution, Independence, the Republic and statehood.

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