What's Your HQ?

How much do you know about Houston arts? What about Houston business? HAM's educational board game, What's Your HQ?, is designed to teach Houstonians more about the movers and shakers and the ups and downs of their city's past and present. From high schoolers to retirees, 3000 painstakingly researched questions will challenge even the most venerable Houston expert, and with categories from sports to music, and from the Civil War to the oilfield, there's an area of expertise for everyone. The game can be played individually, but is even more enjoyable in teams, as players work their way from the Grand Parkway to downtown. Even a wrong answer will be met with a happy "I didn't know that!" It's a great, fun way to learn the story of Houston's history one piece at a time.

What's your HQ? will test your knowledge of Houston history, business, sports, people, places, and arts. We have created a nifty prototype which includes a great-looking game board and everything else you need to play. We now need corporate underwriting for our manufacturing costs.

With your support, we hope to be able to donate games to Houston High Schools and libraries.


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